THE "THRILLS" PROJECT. It becomes a lovely thought...and an album...and will throw your spine out to boot!. Two years in the making and choosing solid songs with the most emotional pull. Recorded and mixed at RootCellar Studios by gear head Rick Berry, co-founder and lead singer. Rick admits, "the time was worth it, the mixes are lush and ambient while remaining raw and true. I want people to be able to crawl into these recordings". “Throw out a stone and watch the ripples turn into waves. We're not just making great songs, we are making a great stone to throw! We're making ripples." Drummer Dave Wiesinger expounds, "Watch ripples turn into tsunamis as they cross the ocean.....“Thrills Will Come” is released Fall 2003.

© Tracy Berry
Thankful Stupor
(An Artists)Obsession
Sand Tide
Seen it all
Officer John
Good News
My Psalm 1:39
Cold Day in NY
Cozy Whoas
Madam Playful
Still More
Envy by 'Hart'
The brave old oak
Covered Dish
Gotta, Getta, Gonna
Life is so Fragile
The answers
Watching, Planting Caulking
You do things
Lap soul
Hee Haw Hall
Do yer own thingamy
Living for Now
© Rick Berry
Honey Said
A Song for Tracy
Baby Yes
© Rick and Tracy Berry
Thrills will come
Labor Day
40 cent blues
Getting High
Finales Waltz
Porch and a Pillow
River Row
Quiet Place
Take my Hand
The Dance
Genie's Out
Stay Faithful
Highway Baby
Earprint (A day in the life at a hospital)
Older than my days
Stay Faithful
Smile Inside You
Funny Honey
The Vision
All I Want
Streamliner Diner
Train of Love
Seven Years
Once a Year
© Rick Berry, Tracy Berry and Dean Leontidis



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